Band Members

Bela Gbur


"Be yourself" means "do what you love".
Find yourself and work on your own progression. Accept the things you can not change and work on your own goals, wich are reachable.
I love to inspire. I hope I do, I hope I will.

Jan Denning


"The Posion" by Bullet for my Valentine came out in 2005.
From this point on I didn't want to hear about anything except punk and metal. This feeling's still alive in 2021.

Philip Harder


A good composition immediately catches the ear and still reveals discoveries after the 10th time listening.
I'm here to make that happen.

Michael Klapper


After hearing "One Step Closer" for the first time I knew, that my life will be dedicated to metal music.
All kinds of music are affecting my passion for music, but in hard times I'll always come back to it. Personally, Apeiro is my contribution to this world.